Festivals in Transylvania 2018

Transylvania has to offer lots of Festivals during the year. If you are exploring the region, want to spend quality time and learn more about the culture or just have some fun while traveling, you might like these festivals. Transylvania International Film Festival, Cluj Napoca (Kolozsvár) The Transylvania International Film Festival is organized from 2002 and it is the most important film festival in Romania. The 17th edition of the festival will be held between May 25th and June 3rd,Read more

Praid Salt Mine

Praid Salt Mine is one of the biggest salt mines in Eastern Europe and it is located in Harghita county. I visited the place for the first time even though I lived more than 25 years in the area. It turned out that we went there in the best time as it was low season in October and it was not full with tourists.  The mine is 120m deep underground and it is recommended for people with different diseases likeRead more

10 things you need to experience when visiting Transylvania

I wrote a bucket list for your amazing holiday in Transylvania. By trying these experiences I am sure you will get a taste of the Transylvanian culture. 1. Eat kürtőskalács and stuffed cabbage Kürtőskalács ( chimney cake) is a Hungarian – Sekler traditional spit cake and you can find along the streets freshly made. The really traditional is covered with sugar, but you can buy some with nuts, coconut or cinnamon. Another delicious local food is the stuffed cabbage madeRead more

Brașov – a must visit city in Transylvania

Brașov (Brassó in Hungarian, Kronstadt in German) is a wonderful medieval city in the heart of Carpathian Mountains what  you shouldn’t miss if you are traveling to the area. I have visited the city several times and when I am traveling to Transylvania I am always keen to spend a day or two in this city. It has the mix of modern life and historical places. The old part of the city it is surrounded with a medieval Saxon wallRead more

Pearl of Transylvania – Lake Saint Anne

Last weekend we visited the most beautiful lake in Transylvania – Lake Saint Anne.  The only volcanic lake in Eastern Europe is situated in the volcanic arc of the Eastern Carpathians – 55km from Csíkszereda (Miercurea Ciuc). You can find directions here. Along the way I was admiring the beautiful landscape of the Carpathians. We visited by car but if you like to hike there is a red cross hiking trail you can follow from Tusnádfürdő (Baile Tusnad). It isRead more

Weekend trip from Budapest to Transylvania

I am living in Budapest and I travel to Transylvania quite often. Usually I take a bus which is a long journey but worth it! The first weekend of March was one of those bus trips to visit my family. The journey started from Népliget Bus Station. There are different bus companies you can choose to travel to Transylvania from Budapest. The journey I prefer to travel by bus as it stops several times and I can get off toRead more

5 Reasons to love Transylvania

When you hear about Transylvania I am almost sure you think about the story of Dracula. In this blog you will not read about it. It is so much more to see and explore than the Dracula castle. Of course you are welcome to see those too, but the transylvanian culture is so much colorful and more. I can tell hundreds of reasons why you should visit this undiscovered land but now I will give you just five of them.Read more

Sport Holidays in Transylvania

There are plenty of possibilities in Transylvania for sport holidays. Whether you are visiting the region in summer or winter you always find great sport activities. Here I will mention some of the places which are not so crowded yet, but are low budget destinations with the same possibilities as the bigger, well-known resorts and places Harghita Mountains is part of Eastern Charpathians. The closest cities are Odorheiu Secuiesc and Miercurea Ciuc in Harghita county. Harghita county itself it hasRead more

Travel tips

Traveling When visiting Transylvania (Romania) the very first thing you should know that we have no motorways…OK lets say we have around 50 km between Turda and Cluj Napoca, but do not plan to drive on highway. Instead be prepared to travel around “Eastern European” style, drive carefully, slowly and be aware of bears and cows. Major airports are in Cluj Napoca, Targu Mures and Sibiu. When planning your trip always make sure to ask your hotel about possibilities howRead more

Best of Transylvania

The Best of Transylvania site was created to give travelers advises and tips when planning to visit the most wonderful places in Transylvania. The goal is to provide a realistic picture about the transylvanian life, culture and give you a unique insight and taste of Transylvania before you visit. Transylvania is becoming more and more attractive for people around the world and in 2016 according to Lonely Planet it is one of the best regions to visit in 2016. WhenRead more