5 Reasons to love Transylvania

When you hear about Transylvania I am almost sure you think about the story of Dracula. In this blog you will not read about it. It is so much more to see and explore than the Dracula castle. Of course you are welcome to see those too, but the transylvanian culture is so much colorful and more. I can tell hundreds of reasons why you should visit this undiscovered land but now I will give you just five of them.

1. Beautiful Nature

You will find places with untouched nature and you will feel that you went back in time (compared to western countries). When traveling around Transylvania you experience the wild nature and friendly towns/villages. With beautiful lakes, mountains you will get to explore a land where you can hear the silence of the nature.

2. Friendly people

I have already mentioned that the people you will meet along your way will be friendly. Personally after living a few years abroad I can be surprised too when going home and getting this friendly welcoming words. People in Transylvania will try to help you in any situation, no matter if they are Hungarians, Romanians or other nationalities.

3. Wonderful historical places

Transylvania is known for its history and by visiting the villages and cities with fortified churches you will understand why. It is always good to go beyond what you can find in travel books. I would suggest you to start with a city and travel around that city in smaller villages to understand better the culture and see the local people.

4. Food

In Transylvania you will find a mixed food culture with Hungarian and Romanian specialties. (I will write about food specialties later) Transylvanian people will offer you food and you will need to eat in order to not upset them. You will find it maybe strange for the first, because they are insisting you to take it and eat it even though you are not hungry. This is a cultural difference so be polite and eat from what is offered to you. 🙂

5. Adventure

Whether you are traveling alone or with friends you will have an adventurous trip. Things will never go as you plan so try to be spontaneous in every situation.

Be prepared to an adventure and you will return with an experience of a lifetime.

If you have more suggestions or experiences about Transylvania please let me know in the comments. I would be very happy to hear your story.

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