Best of Transylvania gives you advices for visiting Transylvania.

Short story about me: I was born in Transylvania (Near Odorheiu Secuiesc, Harghita county, Homoródalmás) and lived my first 25 years there. During this time a fell in love with tourism as I studied in high school in a class specialized for tourism. When I was 18 I already knew the surroundings and always wanted to explore more and more. I worked 3 years within tourism during my bachelor studies. After finishing my studies I decided to move abroad and study more in Denmark (one of the best decisions of my life so far).

Living in Denmark has opened up my eyes to be even more curious about new places and other culture. During these years I traveled to more than 20 countries and still loving each landing plane when I am on.

With this site I would like to guide you to my homeland with a local eye and international traveling experiences. I hope you all will enjoy reading it and find useful information for your next travel to Transylvania!!

Go, explore, live, love, travel 🙂 En TransylvaniabanOn the top of Transfogarasan Mountains



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