Praid Salt Mine

Praid Salt Mine is one of the biggest salt mines in Eastern Europe and it is located in Harghita county. I visited the place for the first time even though I lived more than 25 years in the area. It turned out that we went there in the best time as it was low season in October and it was not full with tourists.

The mine is 120m deep underground and it is recommended for people with different diseases like pulmonary tuberculosis and acute respiratory diseases. It is very good for healthy people too and besides the good climate, you can experience a wonderful underground world. The only way you can access the mine is the shuttle bus which takes you through a 1250 m tunnel to the entrance.

From the entrance, there are long steps down to the mine, for my parents was a bit difficult to walk down, especially when we had to climb up to the exit.

The underground salt wonderland is very attractive, it is like a small village with coffee shops, restaurants, children playgrounds and even a church inside. It is definitely a great place to spend some days. You can also work from there thanks to the WiFi connection, some people do that.A few days treatment can be a fun activity.

If you visit the area it is definitely a must see place, I spent a great time there and I will definitely go back soon for a relaxing day.

Find more information about the mine here: Salina Praid

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