Sport Holidays in Transylvania

There are plenty of possibilities in Transylvania for sport holidays. Whether you are visiting the region in summer or winter you always find great sport activities.

Here I will mention some of the places which are not so crowded yet, but are low budget destinations with the same possibilities as the bigger, well-known resorts and places

Harghita Mountains is part of Eastern Charpathians. The closest cities are Odorheiu Secuiesc and Miercurea Ciuc in Harghita county. Harghita county itself it has to offer many sport possibilities. You can read here a few of them:

Harghita Madaras is a 1800m high mountain with beautiful scenery and breathtaking views. The ski resort has 4 main slopes: Nagy Mihaly (black), Kis Mihaly (red), Sugo (blue upper and red bottom section) and the blue crest way. They are equipped with T-bar lifts. You can find more information about the ski possibilities here.

If you decide to visit Harghita Madaras I would recommend to visit this site, it is in Hungarian but under the contacts you will find all the accomodation possibilies in the area and contacts.

Besides the skiing possibilities you can go trekking or hiking. Hiking is recommended with a local guide as it might be dangerous. You can find programs like archery and via ferrata tours and biking.

Baile Harghita is one the most visited resorts especially for winter sports like snowboarding and skiing. Harghita Bai is situated 1400m high and it is well know from its mineral waters and ski resorts. The most preferred ski season lasts from December to March and you can find 7 slopes with length from 200 to 1000m.  More info here.

Harghita Mountains in Romania

For trekking, hiking and walking I would suggest to you to contact local travel agencies as they have high skilled tour guides and you will not feel lost on the area. However it is not impossible just you need to plan in advance. I would suggest Balu Park for a fun climbing park where you can practice your climbing skills and balance.The place is well-know by the young people living in the area.

Baile Homorod is a small location betweeen Odorheiu Secuiesc and Miercurea Ciuc known for its mineral waters and balneoclimateric resort. You can fill your empty water bottles with fresh water for free 🙂 Many locals go to this place to fill empty bottles and take home the mineral water. Did you hear something like this before? You can get fresh mineral water for free which is also tested by doctors and each of them has healing effects for different disease. Baile Homorod has also a ski slope Lobogo which is very nice but in peak seasons can be crowded.

Other ski slopes in Harghita county: Bogdan, Havas Bucin and Veresvirág.

Read more about the ski slopes here.

There are plenty other opportunities, I will continue to write about those too in the future.

Photos taken by Virginas Bando in Harghita Madaras

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