Weekend trip from Budapest to Transylvania

I am living in Budapest and I travel to Transylvania quite often. Usually I take a bus which is a long journey but worth it! The first weekend of March was one of those bus trips to visit my family. The journey started from Népliget Bus Station. There are different bus companies you can choose to travel to Transylvania from Budapest.

The Journey

I prefer to travel by bus as it stops several times and I can get off to buy some refreshments. This travel is almost 600 km long and it takes around 12 hours. (As I mentioned before in Romania there are limited km of motorways available so you can enjoy the long ride) Interesting fact that the train is not faster either, so depends on your personality how you like to travel and what kind of transportation mode you choose.

The bus was not that crowded so I traveled very comfortable and arrived home to Homoródalmás (Meresti) after 12 hours. The arrival is always full of excitements and good feelings as I meet the family and friends. The first thing when I arrive home is that I notice the silence and fresh air. If you are living in a big city it is definitely a refreshing feeling.

Well deserved home made food

After a long trip I got the well deserved delicious breakfast called puliszka or in Romanian is called mamaliga. It is made with corn flour.  We used to eat it in the morning with milk or cottage cheese.

The second day together with family we made some traditional grilled meat called miccs (mititei) which is made of sheep meat. The best to drink with it is beer. We had  the local beer called Igazi Csíki Sör. And you can not miss the home made bread!!!

The menu was fantastic as always thanks to my parents 🙂

Homoródalmás - my homeland

After so many delicious meal and drink I took the chance to walk a bit in the village and feel the local life. Homoródalmás my home place is a wonderful small Hungarian village with around 1000 inhabitants. We call it the “center of the world”. People living there live mostly from agriculture. The village has a school with approximately 100-150 kids. People are friendly and helpful, so if you are traveling alone you can meet some young people who can speak English too. (good idea to contact the local tourist information and they can give you information about accomodation and  everything office@homorodalmas.info) You can find accommodation in bed&breakfasts or you can stay with families. I suggest you to choose the families so you would see how locals are living.

6 km from Homórodalmás there is a stalactite cave in a wonderful limestone canyon called “Vargyas szoros” which is a nature reserve area but open to public. From the village you can plan a one day trekking trip and experience the natural beauty of this cave and surroundings.

View from the "Orbán Balázs cave"
View of the "Vargyas Szoros" canyon from above

Check out the relaxing sounds of Transylvania here:

Three days of fresh air and calm environment helped me to recover. Did you get that feeling too?

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